Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Are you surprised. Well I'm not.

Well I knew from the start that I would have a hard time keeping up on posts.
I have to try and catch everyone up on a year of our lives. Ill do one person at a time.

Well he has been a great little kidd. Everyone thinks that he is my clone. He's my little mini me. He started walking at about 9 months. You would think that it would be fun to have your kid walking about and entertaining themselves, WRONG. He s everywhere and into everything. He likes to climb on everything. Needless to say he has had many battle wounds. Through all this he still remains acute kidd. He turns one this month which is crazy to think. Heres a few pics of the little guy.

Ill have to catch you up on everyone else in the up coming days.

Friday, February 27, 2009


Well he's finally here. He was born Feb. 24 at 7:19 am. He was 8lbs. 6oz. and 21 inches long. He had a good amount of brown hair, that's right not another redhead. He's a great baby, he eats sleeps and poops like a champ. Heather is doing great as well. She is already up and about and being an awesome mom. Ava is a great big sister. She is also a great little helper getting blankets and diapers.

A little history behind the name. We like to keep names in the family. Ava was named after Heathers grandmother. We named Max after my grandfather and he gets his middle name from Heathers grandfather. We love his name and think his name fits him perfectly.

I will try and keep updated pictures updated but I cant guarantee it will happen. As you can tell from my last post I'm not very good at it. If I keep my pace going he will have kids of his own by the next time I post.

Only a day old.

Proud Mom. (They both did great)

Proud Little Sister

He has Giant feet

Defiantly a Kidd lip and nose.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring Break

Yeah I'm still lame enough to be going to school, but with that I still get to have spring break. We decided to head off tho the Redwoods. We had tons of fun despite the rain. Then we headed up to Salem for a couple days and spent Easter with the fam. Hope you enjoy the pics.

This is Heather clearing the path so we could get through.

Ava as a Hobbit.

I love this picture because you can really see how big these trees really were.

Me and the Avizle

This was an awesome drive. If you ever go to the Redwoods you have to go to stout grove. It is supposedly were they filmed Star Wars and the Ewok village.

Ava is keeping a lookout for Anarina her pet Unicorn.

This was a cool little light house in Crescent City. Notice how nice the weather was.

We only got a picture with Paul Bunyan because Babe the Blue Ox's head had fallen off in a storm.

Yeah she's cute we know.

We had to walk up to see "Big Tree" because a tree had fallen over across the road and destroyed the road.

Heres the whole fam in front of "Big Tree" it was once had the largest circumference of any tree in the whole world. That little back dog is Penny. We love her she is a mix between a Basset Hound and Keipx.

Easter with Grandma Bonnie.

Trying out her new bat. I don't think she will have a choice when it comes to playing sports.

Proper technique coached by Uncle Jeff.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Our Houses

These are the many different houses we have bought and lived in. I can attest that there is nothing as stress full as trying to sell a house. I have no idea how those people buy houses and flip them, if I did that I would easily have like five heart attacks. But non the less we have been fortunate to have sold our houses in a timely manner, and loved living in each one.


This was our first house we bought in Pocatello Idaho. This has been my favorite house that we have lived in. It was built in the 1940's so it had a really cool layout. It had two big bedrooms and one bed room in the attic of the house. We carpeted the basement so we could chill down stairs, which added a lot more room to our house. It had a big back yard with a swing set for Ava. We had to sell this house because we moved down to Utah so Heather could take over running the volleyball club when her parents went to Nigeria on their mission. This house was so awesome that when it came time to sell it we closed on it even before it was on the market.

Those of you from Utah or know much about Utah you would look at this house and think there would be no way that this house was in West Valley. But lucky for us they built a new housing subdivision in West Valley at about 56th west, so we didn't have to be strapped or not wear certain colors when we moved in. This was a beautiful house. Oh yeah it was huge. It had three bedrooms to full baths and a 1/2 finished basement which could have easily add two more bedrooms and a family room. This was the biggest house that I have ever lived in. It was nice to have people over because there was tons of room. But I always felt it was just to big for me Heather and Ava. We ended up selling this house because it was at 56th west. I was going to school at the U and Heather worked at Westminster so it took us forever to get to work and school which translated into sending $$$$ on travel. So it was in our best benefit to sell the house. Which we did in 9 days. In the transition of selling this house and buying our next one we had to deal with all of the crazy garbage of realtor's and loan officers. This is the most crucial part of buying and selling a house is having a good realtor and loan officer. Needless to say after many dropped bombs and holes punched in walls it was done.


Well this is our little brick bungalow in Murray. It is an older house built in the 40's, but the guy before us gutted it and remodeled the whole thing. It is perfect size for our little family. We love the central location and it is right next to trax. Being next to trax has been a life saver. I can just hop right on and go to school. It also has a big back yard with big trees which I love because it reminds me of home. We have enjoyed living here and always have our doors open for friends and family. So feel free to stop by.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Here is just a few pics from ChristmasNativityHeather and Ava roasting over an open fire
Going to see Christmas lights
Heather, Grant and Stella masterpiece
Lights at temple square

Kyle and Chloe and their masterpiece

Extended Family

Here are some picture of our extended family and the fun we have with them.Kyle's Family camping at the Umpqua
Heather's Family at Ian's WeddingStella, Heather , Ava and Bruce
Jeff making Ava eat bubbles
Camping with Grandma Bonnie
Bugs with Setlla, Chloe, and AvaEnchanted Forest with JeffSawping jammies with James


Here are some pictures our our trip to Rome las summer. It was awesome to spend some time in one of the oldest cities on earth. Don't be jealous.

Us in the Colosseum
MAXIMUS and his Concubine

Heather over looking the Forum
Chillin in Romeizel
In front of the Treve Fountain
Body of stone