Sunday, January 27, 2008


Here are some pictures our our trip to Rome las summer. It was awesome to spend some time in one of the oldest cities on earth. Don't be jealous.

Us in the Colosseum
MAXIMUS and his Concubine

Heather over looking the Forum
Chillin in Romeizel
In front of the Treve Fountain
Body of stone


DeAnn said...

Hi Kyle & Heather! I'm so glad your mom sent me your blog so I could see your family and how you've all grown up. I really enjoyed your pictures of Rome. It brought back a lot of memories of when I use to live there. I'm sure you both loved your visit as much as I loved living there. When do I get to see a post of a new little "Kyle & Heather" munchkin? :)

Jared and Kalleen Wright said...

I am so excited you are blogging. I don't know if you know our address, if not let me know. I didn't know you two went to Rome last summer. How Fun. I love all your pictures. I hope you don't mind us adding you to our links.

KurtisKidd said...

I didn't know that the early Romans were the first to make a statue of the cupie doll. Your picture of the two statues titled, "Body of stone", one of an Egyptian God and the other a Roman Cupie Doll increased my knowledge. Thanks