Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring Break

Yeah I'm still lame enough to be going to school, but with that I still get to have spring break. We decided to head off tho the Redwoods. We had tons of fun despite the rain. Then we headed up to Salem for a couple days and spent Easter with the fam. Hope you enjoy the pics.

This is Heather clearing the path so we could get through.

Ava as a Hobbit.

I love this picture because you can really see how big these trees really were.

Me and the Avizle

This was an awesome drive. If you ever go to the Redwoods you have to go to stout grove. It is supposedly were they filmed Star Wars and the Ewok village.

Ava is keeping a lookout for Anarina her pet Unicorn.

This was a cool little light house in Crescent City. Notice how nice the weather was.

We only got a picture with Paul Bunyan because Babe the Blue Ox's head had fallen off in a storm.

Yeah she's cute we know.

We had to walk up to see "Big Tree" because a tree had fallen over across the road and destroyed the road.

Heres the whole fam in front of "Big Tree" it was once had the largest circumference of any tree in the whole world. That little back dog is Penny. We love her she is a mix between a Basset Hound and Keipx.

Easter with Grandma Bonnie.

Trying out her new bat. I don't think she will have a choice when it comes to playing sports.

Proper technique coached by Uncle Jeff.


Robert & Emily said...

Looks like a fun trip. But it would have been a whole lot more fun if you had spent some time with the Montgomery's.

Jared and Kalleen Wright said...

Sory about the bad weather, but it looks like a fun trip. I've never been to the Redwoods but would really like to. I'm sure your mom loved having you all for Easter.

Tami said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. It's so fun to see you guys!

New Mexican Youngs said...

Kyle and family, my mom had told me about your blog a while back, but I finaly found it. Murry huh, next time we come to Utah we should try to get together. The redwoods - one place I have wanted to visit - looks like you guys had fun. Glad to see all is well with you guys.

john papworth said...

next time, whilst you are among the redwoods let us know...sarah, nora and i are now hobbits. the redwoods are to us as the shire was to sam and frodo. i have no idea what i am typing...just wanted to say hi more than anything and your trip looked splendid.

Robert & Emily said...

Kyle, tell Bonnie that I put pictures of Addie on my blog and she is wearing the dress your mama gave her. Oh, and happy birthday a week or so late.

I've taken on history said...

Kyle and Family-
This is Julie Lathen Brooksby and I was asked to track down all 1998 Mormon graduates from Sprague... I need your email address to give to Piper Cox so that you're on the list!
Looks like you guys are doing well! I have a baby now too- a girl, Elizabeth, she's 6 months old.
Keep in touch.

Emily said...

First, you need to update your blog. Second, thank you for occasionally checking out our blog. Third, I'm not sure if you are aware but I recently did a post dedicated completely to Kyle (no fear Heather, I only like your husband). So here's the address if you want to check it out. Hope all is well, EM

Pita Bread said...

Hey Kyle! So funny that you keep seeing my Grandma. She told me that she saw you a little while ago, crazy. Did she have her teeth in when you took out her stitches? nasty. Are you guys going to Oregon for Christmas? we are. Hopefully you come back here for school, so fun! -Peter