Sunday, January 27, 2008

Extended Family

Here are some picture of our extended family and the fun we have with them.Kyle's Family camping at the Umpqua
Heather's Family at Ian's WeddingStella, Heather , Ava and Bruce
Jeff making Ava eat bubbles
Camping with Grandma Bonnie
Bugs with Setlla, Chloe, and AvaEnchanted Forest with JeffSawping jammies with James


Bonnie said...

My little girl is growing up so fast. I can't wait to see you guys. Love you! Mom

Bonnie said...

My little girl is growing up. I miss you guys so much. Can't wait to see you.

Max Myrleen said...

Grandma Myrleen I'm going to try and save a lot of these pictures. Cute idea how do I get on your blog directly?